Liquidambar specializes in transforming ordinary or difficult sites into gardens that blend function with aesthetics. We use subtainable landscape practices that nurture the soil, conserve water and energy, and recycle or repurpose your materials. Transforming small challenging urban spaces is our specialty.

23 September 2010

Speedy New Service

Speedy Garden Make-Over... some samples included at:;

This is suitable for small, simple spaces such as typical urban front or back gardens measuring approx. 25 x 30 feet or similar that don’t require complex or multi-level retaining elements or other major structures. Appropriate also for curb appeal upgrades, intimate spaces within large gardens, replacing thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant plants, installing water feature to buffer street noises and more. Here’s how it works:

 Your complete a questionnaire, describing your needs and how you wish to use the space

 Based on your needs we develop your design concept on site or in our studio during 1 or 2 design consultations;

 Includes layout plan drawn to scale indicating location of built elements such as patios, walls, decks, arbors, etc;

 Locates primary plants and planting beds along with list of plants and materials;

 Provides referrals to reputable landscape contractors, gardeners and suppliers

Once completed, you can then decide whether to coordinate the installation yourself or engage us to implement it for you. (The size & location of the garden determines exact hours & cost)

Of course we still provide our
Fully Developed, Documented Design Concepts … suitable for large, challenging or complex Bay Area sites that often require retaining walls, terracing, multi-level patios or decks, custom water features and more. Consequently, design development may involve more thorough site investigation and design consideration, take longer and cost more.

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