Liquidambar specializes in transforming ordinary or difficult sites into gardens that blend function with aesthetics. We use subtainable landscape practices that nurture the soil, conserve water and energy, and recycle or repurpose your materials. Transforming small challenging urban spaces is our specialty.

25 February 2011

Weather Alert... February 25 - 28

A freeze warning has been issued for the San Francisco Bay Area, starting tonight through the weekend. If you have any new young tender plants, here’s how you can protect them; these include succulents, citrus, bougainvillea, and most tropical-style plants

  • Cover trees and plants with burlap or similar fabric or plastic
  • Bring tender potted plants indoors;
  • Insulate the plant roots with lots of mulch;
Wait until new growth begins in spring before removing dead or damaged material. Cutting frost-damaged plants too soon could stimulate new growth that could be damaged with later frosts.